Brit Milah (Circumcision)

A ‘Brit’ usually takes place eight days after giving birth to a baby boy, even if that’s on Shabbat. It is (again, usually) performed by a mohel, and either at home or at Shul. When a baby boy is born you should contact The Initiation Society who will help you to find a mohel.


Baby Naming and Pidyon Haben


Boys are normally named during the Brit Milah ceremony.

In the event of a first born being a son, a Pidyon Haben may be appropriate. The Torah states that every firstborn son initially “belongs” to God (Bamidbar 3:13). The child is redeemed by the father giving five special coins to a Cohen.  A Pidyon Haben is a relatively rare, but invariably joyous ceremony which takes place during the day of the 31st day after the birth (unless that day is Shabbat or Yom Tov, when it takes place the next day).

There are a number of circumstances when a Pidyon Haben would not take place.  Please contact the Shul for further guidance.


It is customary to name a baby girl in the synagogue during the Torah reading, when the father is called up.  This can take place on Monday or Thursday mornings or on Shabbat morning.

Please inform the Shul office about the birth of your new baby with its full English and Hebrew names and date of birth. You will then be invited to participate in the next shul Baby Blessing ceremony.

For more information about any of this, please contact the Shul office for guidance, by calling 020 8886 8225 or by email at