Lunch and Learn

Lunch & Learn has been a regular feature of CNSS’s learning schedule for many years and is currently led by Daniel Anderson. It offers participants an opportunity to learn from a variety of Jewish sources in a welcoming and participatory environment.

In recent years we have explored Rav Kook’s weekly commentaries on the parsha, various ethical treatises, such as Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato’s ‘Path of the Just’, Menachem Mendel Levin’s ‘Cheshbon Ha-Nefesh’ on making a spiritual accounting, and Bachya Ibn Pekuda’s ‘Duties of the Heart’. We have also covered more contemporary works, such as Rabbi David Aaron’s ‘Seeing God’, which is a kabbalistic approach to understanding Torah.  More recently, we have been looking at Spanish philosopher Yehuda HaLevi’s classic work ‘The Kuzari’, which takes the form of an imaginary dialogue between a Rabbi and pagan on the main tenets of Judaism.  Over the last year or so, we have looked in detail at Rabbi Joseph Albo’s seminal Sefer Ha-Ikkarim, at the Disputation of Barcelona 1263 and at the philosophy of Rabbi Eleizer Berkovits.

The current programme explores of Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardosa who was described by Lord Zacks z”l as one of the most thoughtful voices in contemporary orthodoxy.

Though we usually meet in the Shul’s Beit Midrash, we are meeting on Zoom each Wednesday at 1pm because of Covid-19 measures.  Everyone is welcome.  Please contact the Shul for details, and keep an eye on the Events Calendar for details of each week’s programme including links to any source materials that we will be discussing.