Second Bar Mitzvahs

A wonderful custom has evolved in recent years, especially in celebration of the longer lives that many people are experiencing, as well as in recognition of the new challenges that a longer life can bring.

King David, in Psalm 90, tells us: “The span of our life is seventy years, or, given the strength, eighty years…”.

If a lifetime is 70 years, then 83 years is a lifetime and a barmitzvah combined! For this reason, on a man’s 83rd birthday, we celebrate a Second Barmitzvah.

It is a personal milestone, which we infuse with religious significance – another chance to express gratitude for a life well lived, in the service and presence of God.

Please contact Rabbi Shindler or the shul office if you would like to celebrate this special occasion with your family and friends by calling 020 8886 8225 or by email at