What We Do

Ladies Guild

CNSS is privileged to have at its heart a vibrant Ladies Guild that makes an immeasurable contribution to community life.

Amongst its many activities, the Guild organises fund raising and social events for our lady members and the wider community.  These events have, over the years, included celebratory dinners, hat sales, educational events and overseas trips.  It has raised thousands of pounds for the Shul’s building and equipment, most recently with the installation of state-of-the-art ovens.  Members of the Guild are invariably at the heart of preparing Shul for the festivals and Shabbat.

Since 2000, the Guild has been chaired by Ruth Jennings.  Its team caters for virtually every week’s Shabbat morning kiddush as well as occasional Friday night chicken soup kiddushim, along with countless other special events.

For more information about the Ladies Guild, its activities and how you can get involved, please contact the shul office on 020 8886 8225, or by email at office@cnss.co.uk.